Friday, July 12, 2013

Clean Eating Condiments

Remember that clean rule: Avoid processed foods. Or maybe this rule: Buy only foods with 3 or less ingredients on the food label. Or maybe even this one: Avoid anything high in saturated and trans fat, fried, or high in sugar. Yea, pretty much cuts out any and all store bought condiments and seasoning packets, along with cream of something soups... Use these instead!

Product                                                       Homemade Version
Nutella                                                         Chocolate- Covered- Katie’s Nutella
Crackers                                                      Oat Flour Veggie Crackers
Spaghetti Sauce                                            Simply-Clean-Livings Spaghetti Sauce
Italian Dressing                                             Heavenly-homemakers Italian Dressing
Mayo                                                           Crunchy-Bettys Mayonnaise
Ranch Dressing                                             Heavenly Homemakers Ranch Dressing
Ketchup                                                       Heavenly Homemakers Ketchup
Taco seasoning                                             Heavenly Homemakers Taco Seasoning
Onion Soup Mix                                           Heavenly Homemakers Onion Soup Mix
Cream of Mushroom                                     Heavenly Homemakers Mushroom Soup
Cream of Chicken                               's Cream of Soup Dry Mix
Teriyaki Sauce                                    's teriyaki sauce