Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Meal Plan

This post is mainly for me because I am already getting frustrated over not remembering where my recipes are- and we're only on day 4 in the month! Arg! Did I see the recipe on pinterest, is it here on this site, is it in one of my cook books, did I just imagine it in my mind... ? Well, now that I've found em- most of em- I'm gonna make sure I don't lose em again!

September Meal Plan

1. Chicken Parmesan (lighter and GF) with a side salad.
2. Sweet adobo Chicken over quinoa with a spinach salad.
3. Happy Labor Day! Dinner out with the family.
4. Country fried steak (use GF rice chex instead of bread crumbs) with mushroom gravy and sauteed green beans, and strawberries.
5. Shredded BBQ chicken in crock pot, corn bread, steamed zucchini
6. Penne rosa with shrimp (GF noodles) and a side salad
7. Bird Nest Pie *Make an extra to freeze for later. Fresh peaches.
8. Baked buffalo chicken bites, veggie sticks and a fruit smoothie. 
9. Pork chops cooked in apple sauce served over rice.
10. Shredded chicken enchiladas *Make an extra to freeze for later. Rice and beans.
11. Pesto shrimp and veggie pizza- try making fresh pesto sauce- and a fruit salad.
12. Sweet and sour chicken, stir fry veggies and rice
13. German pancakes, zucchini slippers, fruit smoothie
14. French dips, apple slices, brown sugar sweet potato fries
15. Bajio chicken salad
16. Crock pot stuffed peppers, rice and fruit.
17. Thaw extra bird nest pie (from the 7th) and serve with salad.
18. Fish tacos with cabbage, rice and beans.
19. Chicken in cranberry mustard sauce, quinoa, apple sauce
20. Thaw extra enchiladas, rice and beans. 
21. LEFT OVERS NIGHT (Use today to make the following freezer meals- 3 meals of each)
22. Lil' Cheddar Meatloaves, steamed veggies.
23. Chicken cordon bleu and green beans
24. Crock pot beef roast and a side salad.
25. Italian chicken and pineapple with quinoa and broccoli.
26. Grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad.
27. Crock pot chicken tomato soup
29. Teriyaki freezer meal over rice with stir fry veggies
30. Fajita freezer meal on corn tortillas

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