Friday, January 27, 2012

Cajun Broil

Boil water in a HUGE pot. (Accomplishing this will take about two hours.)

Add a cajun seasoning packet or 4 tablespoons of cajun seasoning. Boil for ten minutes before adding the remaining ingredients. The times listed next to them indicate how long it will take to cook and therefore you should add them accordingly.

Small red potatoes and Chicken  30 to 40 minutes
Sausage                                      30 minutes
Crab legs                                    12 minutes
Corn on the cob                          10 minutes
Shrimp                                         5 minutes
Drain and toss all food right onto the table. No silverware or napkins allowed! Dig in and enjoy with a loaf of french bread and the condiments just gobbed onto the table surface.

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